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Elena's Art vary in styles, she expresses herself in expressionism, abstract and figurative detailed works with lavish embellishments.

Currently Artist is residing in Calgary, Alberta, in the land of majestic Rockies. 

Galleries Artist is represented by:

Artmatch, Calgary, AB

Art Aqui, Calgary, AB

Recent exhibitions:

"Wild about Art", Summer 2022, Calgary, AB

"ArtMatch Calgary Exhibition/Spring 2022", Calgary, AB, Canada (June 2022)

"Winter Solstice - Celebration of Art", Bragg Creek, AB, Canada. Try it Art / Gallery 44 (December 2019) 

"Raw Artists" show, Calgary, AB, Canada. (October 2019)

"Calgary Art show",  Calgary, AB, Canada. Try it Art/Galley 44 Gallery (September 2019)

“Taste of the World” art exhibition, San Francisco, CA, USA. Back to the picture Gallery (June - August 2019)

"Spring Art show", Bragg Creek, AB, Canada. Try it art Gallery (May 2019) 


Artist's statement

When I work on my art, I create a poetry. 

We live inside It and surrounded by Beauty and pure magic. Those little moments when we notice it and connect to something greater (like the river rock-like shapes you spot under your feet while walking through the shadows of tree canopies on a summer walk, or that whooshing, comforting sound of geese wings passing-by above) are very special as if we just span out of the spinning vortex of our daily lives for a split moment to witness and experience something simple and yet so moving.

This inspirations are feathers to my Artist’s wings. I capture emotions of my experiences through my work, though my Art often is not of realistic forms, it made to provoke different emotions of the viewer. 

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