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Elena Myasnikova is a Canadian Artist with roots from Russia and Ukraine. She is a graduate from the Benkov Art Academy (Uzbekistan), with a major in Applied Art. After her graduation, Elena Myasnikova spent few years working for a number of theatres as a Stage and Costume Artist/Designer. Through her professional career, Elena is constantly developing pieces of fine art, in which through the years, she would create her unique artistic styles and techniques.

Elena is known for a diversity of art forms and the impressive number of media variety she applies to her works. The Artist is currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, in the land of The Majestic Rockies.

Galleries Artist is represented by:

Artmatch, Calgary, AB


Recent exhibitions:

"Spring Smalls Exhibition", by Art Match, Calgary, AB, Canada (May 2023)

"Wild about Art", Summer 2022, Calgary, AB

"ArtMatch Calgary Exhibition/Spring 2022", Calgary, AB, Canada (June 2022)

"Winter Solstice - Celebration of Art", Bragg Creek, AB, Canada. Try it Art / Gallery 44 (December 2019) 

"Raw Artists" show, Calgary, AB, Canada. (October 2019)

"Calgary Art show",  Calgary, AB, Canada. Try it Art/Galley 44 Gallery (September 2019)

“Taste of the World” art exhibition, San Francisco, CA, USA. Back to the picture Gallery (June - August 2019)

"Spring Art show", Bragg Creek, AB, Canada. Try it art Gallery (May 2019) 


Calgary Guardian:


Artist's statement

“In Art, I create complexity of feelings through a simple subject matter. It is poetry in colours and textures. I create spaces where one can wander slowly among silhouettes and shapes, forgetting about the world’s fast beat for a while. Nature is my forever muse and inspiration, as an Artist, I can’t express myself better than in Her language.”

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